Connection lost between MyCloud and PS4

Hi all,

I use my MyCloud to stream Videos from the cloud to my PS4. They are both connected via LAN cable and it worked pretty well. After I changed my router ( Telekom Speedport) to a FritzBox Fon 7360, I have problems with the streaming. If I’m watching a movie, circa once an hour the connection between PS4 an MyCloud is lost. In the Media Player menu of the PS, there is only shown the FritzBox, where I recognize that the playstation is still connected to the network. After 1-3 minutes later, the MyCloud is also shown in the Media Player menu of my PS and I can keep on watching. The strange thing is, that if the connection is lost between PS and MyCloud, I can connect with my Smartphone or PC to the MyCloud and it is still available and works. Therefore, I can exclude that the Cloud switches off briefly. It really seems to be just a problem between PS and cloud.

Is this problem already known to someone? Can anybody help me with this?

Thank you for your help

This sounds like a DHCP related issue.

Try excluding a small block of IPs from the DHCP pool, then setting the MyCloud to an IP in the excluded range as a static assignment.

Some routers give very short lease periods on IP addresses for no discernable reason, causing disruptions when the devices have to re-request an IP address from the DHCP server-- and often do not give you easy options to set how long leases are given. Taking these bitchy Pieces of Excrement out of the picture with static assignments can make all manner of improvement, just be sure that your assignment is not going to bump heads with the DHCP server later, by excluding a portion of the subnet for use as static assigns.

Is this what you have now?

In your My Cloud Dashboard what Media Streaming Devices are showing? See example image below.

Sorry for my late response, had no time to try it.

I´m not sure if I understand what you mean. I changed the IPv4 Network of the MyCLoud from dhcp to static, but this didn’t work. Maybe you mean something else?

Yes this is my fritzbox. If I have a look at my Media Streaming Devices there are the following:

Generic Media Receiver
Generic Media Receiver
[TV] UE55J6250
Generic Media Receiver
Apple TV

Everything is switched “on”. The only thing that I don’t understand is, that there is displayed PS3 and not PS4. There is no PS3 in my network.

Thanks for your reply.

Ate these two distinct devices? If so, they both have the same IP address. That isn’t good…