WD MyCloud 4 TB disconnects every few minutes

Hey there,

i’m using a Cloud 4Tb for over a year now.
It’s connected to a Fritbox7490 and 2 MyBooks are attached to the cloud with a USB Hub.
I access the Cloud with my Nvidia Shield TV and my PC (W10). It all went well for the most part but since a few days i have the problem, that the Cloud disconnects every 2-10 minutes, making it unable to watch a movie etc.

When I start a movie it runs smoothly until about 2-10 minutes when the playback stops and i can’t access the Cloud for about 1 min. Then i can access it again and continue watching for another 2-10 minutes. I never had that problem and don’t know what it could be, because i didn’t change anything.

Does someone have an idea what the problem could be ?

Would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

What is your wifi speed? Mine is 70Mbps. Do you have your TV set to use the 5GHz wifi channels?

I only use wired connection no wlan.
I Access with the Ethernet of the PC and the mediaplayer.