Connecting to My Cloud

I just got a new My Cloud Storage and on one computer I can click on the this PC in Windows 10 and connect to the drive through the network and don’t have to go to the web page.

How do I connect to it on other computers without having to go through the web page or the my cloud programs?

I just want to click on the file list and click on the network to be able to access it

If your My Cloud is connected to a router then all computers on the network will be able to access the My Cloud through Windows File Explorer and or Mac Finder.

You should read the My Cloud User Manual if you have not already done so. It explains how to access the My Cloud from Windows and Macintosh computers. The User Manual explains how to use other features and options of the WD My Cloud. It is generally recommended to “map” a Share to one’s computer for easy access rather than use the WD software when connected to the local network.