Access MyCloud on Windows

I have a MyCloud I set up on my Mac. I am trying to access from my work Windows (10) computer. I can see the device on my home network, and if I click on the device icon on File Explorer it opens a window on IE. I can sign in, and I can see the shares (what are essentially folders with files in them) previously set up from the Mac. But, I see no files. I cannot drill down in any way. I cannot Map any of the shares as a Windows drive.

I am wondering if, because this is a work computer, it is in some way being blocked to me ,… . but then again I can see the device, log in, and see the shares created.

What am I doing wrong, or … ??

See the following WD support document that details how to map a My Cloud in Windows File Explorer.

When browsing a My Cloud using Windows File Explorer one should not have Internet Explorer or any other web browser launching to access the My Cloud. If you click on the My Cloud icon in Windows File Explorer and the web browser launches, you hae clicked on the wrong My Cloud icon. If one cannot access or map the My Cloud using the My Cloud name, one can try using the My Cloud IP address instead of the My Cloud name.