Cannot access my cloud data via file explorer


I have been having trouble gaining access to my WD My CLoud via my computers file explorer. I used to be able to access my files by selecting the drop-down menu on the network tab in the file explorer; however, recently when I click the drop-down indicator it simply disappears and I cannot gain access. I used to have a workaround of accessing files on the frequent folders function, but I just upgraded my computer and can no longer do this. It did this with both my previous computer and my new one. I am on Windows 10, does anybody know how to fix this?


Chad22, I just finished struggling with this issue. Bennor and another user gave me a series of recommendations that eventually worked. Here are the threads:



@Chad22 This is probably your problem, see if it helps.


Thank you for your reply but neither of your suggestions seemed to work for me. I have tried so many different workarounds and attempts to fix but nothing seems to work. I’m going to try my luck with technical support. Thank you again.


I contacted WD tech support and they were able to solve my problem, I will share what he did for me. I was pretty simple actually, all he did was have me create a shortcut on my desktop that connected to the web address associated with my hard drive and after I did that I was able to gain access to all my files.


thanks, that worked for windows updates disable that option.


I am having the same issue and nothing has worked.I created a shortcut but maybe I did it wrong because it just opens the webpage through chrome.


This article map help resolve the issue of Windows 10 network share access.