Cannot Access MyCloud In Win10 File Explorer, No Mapping Possible


For over a year I have been using MyCloud under windows 10 as backup storage for File History with no issues until I performed a system “fresh start” this week. I can no longer access my drive through File Explorer and cannot connect Drive for File History Backup.

I can access files through my web portal account. I can open dashboard and access system settings.

When I try to connect through File Explorer, I can see Drive icon under “Storage” However, when I click on it, or try to open it, I cannot access file shares (as in past). When I click and attempt “open” on drive icon or on Network folder there is no response. When I try to “open” via WD Access utility in system tray there is no response (I can access settings)

If I attempt to connect directly by entering IP address or “\mycloud” in search bar I get error message “Windows cannot access mycloud”. In File History, I get error message “File History doesn’t recognize this drive”.

I have read the prior posts and believe I have exhausted the suggestions. I have enabled SMB (despite security cautions) and confirmed its in place. I have also double checked Netbios selection. My IP number is correct as I can access settings and files via web browser.

I have attempted to send error message through automated support feature on dashboard, but it just circles endless waiting for “update”

Until this wall, I was happy with drive as it met my requirements as a NAS for File History Backup. Without this functionality it is useless to me.

All suggestions, pointers links and comments welcome. Please forgive any technical inaccuracies or ignorance reflected in this post.

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If you reset Windows 10 then it’s possible you have run into the issue where Microsoft has disabled (for security reasons) SMB 1.0. If this is the case reenable SMB1.0. The following WD Knowledgebase article explains how.

Generally with SMB1.0 disabled one can still access or map the My Cloud using the My Cloud IP address in Windows File Explorer. Example: \\192.168.1.x in the Windows File Explorer address bar.

Bennor, thank you for taking the trouble to reply. I have enabled SMB - no success. I have tried addressing the drive by its IP number - and all I get is an error “windows cannot access [my drive]”. I am also following some other suggestions:

  • Reset network
  • adding windows credentials for my drive

All without success.

If this one computer is the only device that has trouble accessing the My Cloud then its a problem with that one Windows computer. The standard troubleshooting steps apply.

Power off the rotuer, my cloud and computer. Then reboot the router, reboot the my cloud, reboot the computer in that order waiting for each one to boot before restarting the next device. You may have to do that after reenabling SMB1.0 on the Windows computer.

Brilliant. After applying steps recommended by Xeriphas, this restored my connectivity.
See: I cannot access My Cloud after formatting my computer

Many thanks!