Can not Access WDMyCloud in Windows 10 file explorer?

My internet provider had a major problem and after it was fixed my ip addresses were changed. I have everything back working except I can not access MyCloud in Windows 10. I can access it on my iphone or my samsung table and I can access the dash board in google chrome. I have tried to make looked on the internet and tried all the different things I have found from SMBv1 to credit management. Any ideas on what else can be done?

Are you saying you can’t see it under Network when you click on File Explorer?


For the internet do you go to ?

Yes it is not listed under Network, I have since figured out that I can access it by Windows key+R but ot with WDMyCVloud but by typing the IP address.

@Michael1952 Have you already done a reboot of your computer to see if it will show?

Yes several times. I turned on SMBv1, I entered the windows credentials and it still not show in the windows explorer. I checked in the dashboard to make I had the name correct.