MyCloud can't be accessed with Windows Explorer (Vista)

I installed MyCloud on a system running windows 7 without problems. It shows in Windows Explorer (under Network) and can be used just as any other external drive.

I added a new user account, to be used from a desktop running win vista. Installed the software, got an error message saying I won’t be able to access files, browse etc.

The drive doesn’t show in Windows Explorer (or, to be precise, it shows, but double clicking it only opens the Dashboard in the web browser;  IP Through Windows Explorer the files on the drive cannot be accesed.

It does show under Computer Management (I include the image - apologies for the language, the os is not in english), where it both says there are no installed drivers from the device (on the General tab) and that there is one (on the Driver tab).

However, I can access the files through the WD My Cloud application (open, copy, manage files etc.) . I can also acces Dashboard with a browser.

Mapping the drive as described here doesn’t work, as the above mentioned IP cannot be found.

Could anyone please help me fix this issue? I need My Cloud to be visible in Windows Explorer (because working through the My Cloud application is very clumpsy - I need to eg. save documents first on the desktop, then copy them to MyCloud, which rather defeats the reason why I bought it - having a central archive of all documents, which can be the default storage (not just backup archive) for all the documents created on any machine on the same office network.)

I’m rather inexperienced when it comes to dealing with networks, so please keep the answers simple.

Thanks in advance!


My previous questin was about same thing, if this is possible. The WD specification define, that My Cloud doen’t support the File Server, only the My Cloudy Mirror does support it. You can check it on in My Cloud product comparsion page.

This may be the reason, why you cannot acces My Cloud as Windows External Disk.

Thanks, but I’m  not sure that’s the case. On the laptop (running win 7) where I first installed the device, there are no problems - I can access MyCloud just like an other external drive.

I just can’t persuade the desktop (on win vista) to do the same. :frowning:

Has this problem been solved already?

I have exactly the same as described above with my new MyCloudEX2.
During installation there was a popup saying:

We’ve detected that you may not be able to
Copy files from or to the device
Browse the device’s shared folders
Map a shared folder
These issues can usually be fixed with a quick call to WD Support

I can acces the drive shares via the dashboard and “WD My Cloud” and copy files by dragging it onto its window. I can also acces the drive with: \WDMyCloudEX2\Public in explorer. Only after that, the drive shows up under Network, being able to unfold the shares. But I cannot open the drive in explorer directly or any other file manager (Total Commander). This is not the way I like to maintain my NAS with thousands of files/directories.

Update: When I try to map a network drive, I cannot browse to the MyCloud server, but I can type “\WDMyCloudEX\Public” after which the share is available to map. It looks like it has something to do with browsing the network, which is not possible, but only available if pointed directly with \server\share. The Computer Browser service is started.

Any suggestions to browse more easily to the NAS on the network?

I have a very similar issue now with my PR 4100. The installation went fine. I setup users, a group and several shares. I was able to map a drive letter on my Windows 7 workstation and able to copy a file there. Now I can still do everything via the cloud but when using Windows Explorer I can only see the the PR 4100 device. Clicking on it takes me to the PR 4100 login screen (I can login just fine). This all occurred about 2 weeks after setup.

Can anyone help resolve this?

You may have better luck in the dedicated PR subforum where people more familiar with that model may be able to help. This subforum (My Cloud) is generally for the single bay My Cloud device which is different than the PR 4100 device.

That said check the common causes that block network access to NAS drives.
Ensure NetBIOS over TCP/IP is enabled
Ensure the network is configured for Private not Public
Ensure the firewall or security/AV software isn’t blocking local network access
Configure the NAS to have a static IP or reserve its IP address through the network DHCP server (usually within the network router)