Cloud Access EX2

Hello everyone, Is Cloud access up for remote accessing by internet. I have an EX2 that always had port forwarding establish and it work great. few days ago everything went down and when I log back in to my dashboard it shows me that my conection fail. I never had conection fail on my usualy when there is something wrong with port forwarding then I get connected through a raley. So I was wondering id WD has probles with there servers again?

Anybody else?

There are no connectivity issues reported on WD’s servers at this time. What if you reboot your unit?

rebooting dose not help. for some reason UpnP cant forward port 443. I dont have anything else on that port. Anyways What I did is reboot my router and restore to factry defult. no help. reboot EX2 no help. trying manualy forward ports and 443 will not forward. finaly factory restore on ex2. restored to last good know config after reset. both ports can be forward now and remote access have been restored.