Remote Access Problems

Got my EX2 drive set up three weeks ago no problem and everything was working fine including remote access. This week however something has happened and I cannot now remotely access the drive but when at home everything is working fine and I can access the drive on the network no problem. I have checked the dashboard and cloud status is enabled and connected. I read some of the knowledge base articles and it seemed that port forwarding may solve my problem so I tried to set the drive up for port forwarding but it still says it is connected by relay. I am connecting through a  a Netgear WNDR3700 router. Iam not convinced port forwarding is the issue as initially I could remotely connect no problem through the generic settings. Can anyone help me to get the port forwarding to work properly and see if this will solve my remote access problem

Bit of an update. Last night after becoming so frustrated with getting port forwarding set up and having no remote file access I decided to revert back to my original default settings. I switched off remote dashboard access, ip address back to dhcp and deleted the port fowarding. Result is this morning I now have back my remote access but obviously still have no remote dashboard access. I would like to have remote dashboard access but if it is going to cause so many problems than I think I will have to keep it switched off.

If you provided more details of what exact changes you tried earlier, it would have been very helpful. Without descriptions (or preferably screenshots) it is like trying to blindly figure out why you are having issues - because even if you followed the instructions for port forwarding, you may have misinterpreted something and done something that wasn’t the right step. Anyway, having said that, now that your remote access is working again but just not remote dashboard access, let’s try to see if this can be fixed.

To have remote dashboard access, I’m sure you’d turned the setting on for that in the dashboard settings. The other part you need to do is, as you said, port forwarding. You need to port forward port 80 from the router to your EX2’s IP. And do not do any port forwarding changes on EX2. Also, it would be best if you assigned the EX2 a static IP on your router. And then after checking what your external IP is (google it), you should be able to access the dashboard remotely from outside the network using just that external IP.

Ok thanks I will give it another go this weekend and let you know how I get on. Out of interest you say not to port forward on the EX2 but some of the guidance documents I have read recommend doing this.

Again - please provide links so I can understand which guidance documents you are referring to and what it says on those docs…you may be interpreting it right…or you may not…without seeing what it is you are seeing I am clueless. You need to walk others on this forum through what you are reading and/or doing - only then will others be able to help you. The less detailed posts often gets ignored because others who might be able to help just don’t have enough details to help.

And keep in mind, I did say you will need to do port forwarding…but just not on the EX2. I did suspect earlier that you were doing port forwarding on EX2 but didn’t want to say that until you explicitly said so yourself. I would like to know, if you don’t do the port forwarding on the router but rather on EX2, how would the router know where the heck to send the data arriving on port 80 to? :slight_smile: Think my friend, think :slight_smile:

I followed:

How to enable port forwarding on a network router for use with a WD My Cloud Mirror, EX2 or EX4 Personal Cloud drive

Answer ID 10649

from the WD knowledge base.

I did foward ports 8080 & 8443 on my router again consulting the netgear knowledge base.