Cloud Access Codes - What's the Point?

I don’t understand why My Cloud Personal Drive would provide an option to generate an access code when, according to WD own support site:(9 Digit Registration/Activation/Security Code) this code is not required for registering the device??? Is there some other purpose for the code?

Yes there is a purposes for the codes.

The 9 digit code IS NOT used on or by the My Cloud line of devices.

Read the knowledgebase article link you posted. It explains exactly what the 9 digit code is for and which devices it’s for. The 9 digit code has nothing to do with the single bay or multi bay My Cloud line of devices. The 9 digit code is used ONLY by the My Cloud Home devices and only when setting those devices up.

The My Cloud Home is a completely different device with a different operating system and features than the My Cloud line of devices.

The mobile activation code option in the My Cloud Dashboard is used to generate an authentication code that one uses in the WD My Cloud mobile app for Android/iOS to setup remote access to one’s My Cloud. See the User Manual for your My Cloud model for more information on this activation code option. For example, in the single bay gen 2 (v2.x firmware) My Cloud User Manual they explain the mobile activation code starting around page 39:

I had already activated the remote access on my Android phone app and it still seems to be working after resetting the My Cloud drive. But unlike before the reset, there are now no Cloud devices listed, which is somewhat confusing. So there is no need for generating any authentication code unless perhaps I install the app on another mobile device?

If one cannot see their My Cloud (or access it’s contents) using the mobile app after performing a reset then it’s not working properly.

After performing a 40 second reset or a system only restore on a My Cloud one may have to re-link their mobile device to the My Cloud by removing the My Cloud entry in the mobile app, then re-adding the My Cloud in the mobile app. This may also entail using a new generated Cloud Access remote code from the My Cloud Dashboard if the My Cloud mobile app asks for it…

Yes, removing the My Cloud device on the mobile app and re-adding it fixed the issue of it not being shown on the browser interface. This did not require generating a new remote code.

Thanks for your help!

But what exactly are these so–called QR codes, and how do they work? allow the user to access information instantly – Nox hence why it’s called a Quick Response code.