Activation Code

I am using the MyCloud app on iPhone. I’ve never had to provision an activation code in the admin portal and the app on the phone has never asked me to input a code before providing me access to my data through it. When is an activation code required? Is it normal for me to be able to access my data through the MyCloud app on iPhone without a code? Thanks

I believe a code is needed when accessing it remotely. From manual…
“The Cloud Devices panel displays the number of cloud devices currently registered to the
My Cloud device remotely. It enables you to generate an activation code that you need when
setting up a mobile device for cloud access.”

I have always gone into My Cloud as the admin, (either at home or remotely via internet) and neither my iPhone nor iPad has been asked for an activation code. Apparently, (and logically) admin gets a “free pass”. This is normal.

The condition changes as Shabuboy, quotes from manual if you go in via an account for yourself (by your name), or for others you setup. It’s just a one time verification to allow anyone else access (other than admin) the first time one connects to it.

If you first connect to the My Cloud over the local network with the mobile device, you generally won’t need to enter in an activation code into the WD mobile app. However if one doesn’t have access to the local network and wants to install the WD mobile app to access a My Cloud, then they will need to generate the activation code through the WD My Cloud Dashboard and enter it into the My Cloud app on the remote device.

Another way one may have to enter in the activation code is if they remove a previously activated My Cloud entry in the mobile app and then try to re-add it while in a remote location.