Chrome Protests My Access

i am using Google Chrome to access WDMyCloud and get a conctant warming that this site is not secure etc and i have to click through seraral pages just to finally get to my page. Any ideas how to reolve?

Are you using ? I’ll try Chrome and see what happens.

I just tried Google Chrome and IE and could not connect to my My Cloud. The problem may be on WD’s end. If you could get to your My Cloud then you are doing better than me. I am located in Central Texas.

8 PM CST I finally rebooted my My Cloud and my connection problem is over. I can connect now.

If you mean when accessing the Dashboard, then you are local to your network. Dashboard doesn’t use https, so Chrome says it’s insecure. But, unless you have malicious actors in your local network* to snoop on the traffic, it’s not a problem. Tell Chrome to ignore it.

&ask; if you do, you have bigger problems…

Thanks for your reply.