Can't connect to my My Cloud outside of my home network via

When I am at home, I can sit at my laptop and via Chrome, go to, select “Sign into My Cloud” under “MY Cloud”. Then I sign in with my user ID and password and I can see everything on my WD MyCloud 4TB Personal Cloud. Now, I take the same laptop 500 miles north of my home and connect to the network there. All apps on my laptop work perfectly except …
When I repeat the above steps, I get stuck at “signing in …” for a minute or two and then I receive a screen that says I can’t connect to the MyCloud. I’ve tried all the suggestion (3 of them) and nothing works. 1: AM I supposed to be able to do what I am trying to do ? 2: What am I doing wrong ? By the way, the same thing occurs when I try the above steps using Chrome on my Android phone.
I’ve never been able to make this work but I would sure like the ability to be anywhere in the world and access my My Cloud via Thanks for any advice.

@JustRay There has been a problem with this for at least three to four weeks. If you try another browser it may sign you in.

Thanks for considering my problem,

Based on your reply, I can confirm that Chrome, Internet Explorer and Fire Fox all have the same results for me.

And when I tried Microsoft’s Edge browser the WD site came right out and said the Microsoft Edge browser is not supported.

Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks again

Hello once again.
I wanted to take a minute to update this thread in the event some else experienced the same issue.

First, base on the advice I received, I told my Chrome extension (Adblock Plus) to stop messing with the WD site.

THAT allowed me to get to a sign on screen at

After that, it was necessary to perform a re-boot of my WD MyCloud 4TB Personal Cloud.

No firmware updates or deleting and re-creating user ids.

Just simply a reboot.

I know it sounds dumb, but I simply forgot to do the basics.

Things are working perfectly for me now.

I can, once again, remote into my WD MyCloud 4TB Personal Cloud, from my pc(and other pcs as well) regardless of what network I am connected to. (I tested 4 different ISP’s.)

Take care folks.