Can't map to MyCloud

I did have MyCloud working on my wife’s PC but the router changed and now I can’t see MyCloud in the network area. That PC is running Win7. Odd thing is that I can the MyCloud dashboard by entering its IP address.

Any suggestions?


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… but the router changed…[/quote]
What does “the router changed” actually mean? Was the router replaced? Was it simply restarted? If the router was replaced, what was it replaced with (manufacturer make/model)? Do you have AT&T Uverse or use one of the routers mentioned in the WD Support document below? Have you rebooted the computers? Does the My Cloud have a static IP address (either assigned by the router or configured through the My Cloud Dashboard)?

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Hi Bennor,

A very old Cradlepoint router was replace with a modern Linksys AC1900 Dual Band Wireless Router. The MyCloud works fine with one PC connected via the router just not with the other one. Both PCs are rebooted daily. Not sure about the IP address. That could be the problem. How do I check that?

You can typically get the IP address either in the My Cloud Dashboard > Settings section or in your router’s administration page’s DHCP section.

Sometimes causes for a network device not showing up in the Windows network neighborhood (or Windows File Explorer) can be traced to a problem with the settings on that specific computer. Ensure the computer is using the same workgroup name (typically: Workgroup) as the My Cloud. Ensure NetBIOS over TCP/IP is enabled. Ensure File/Print sharing is enabled. Ensure the network is set to Private or Home and not Public. If using a third party software firewall on the computer ensure its not blocking access to the local network.