My Cloud cannot be mapped

Ok guys I’m new to this but here goes. Bought a new My Cloud and attached it to my router to be used as a NAS music server. First set up worked just fine all things appeared to be in place. After transferring my music library to the drive in explorer as a drag and drop it was available and useable to my SONOS. But after a reboot of the computer the unit shows up in the network file but does not open, nor can I map it as a network drive. It does open up like a web page with a GUI interface.

Changed computers (1st one was an old pc with Vista, 2nd one is running Widows 7) At first start up all was as it was in the beginning, but after a reboot it reverted back to the same problem.

Any suggestions?


Start by either configuring/reserving an IP address for the My Cloud in the network router’s DHCP server (see your router’s documentation on how to access and configure/reserve an IP address for a network client), or access the My Cloud Dashboard and set a static IP address through the Dashboard > Settings > Network section. Then test again and see if the issue remains.

Ok so I went into the router and set a manual IP address for the
MyCloud, the results are the same. When I go t the network the MyCloud
shows up and when I click on it a web browser opens up using the new
address( then drops me into the MyCloud dashboard.

I’m not the most tech savvy guy around but I believe Ive followed the directions properly…



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Under ‘Network’ in File Explorer, I see ‘Media Devices’ and ‘Storage’. If I hit ‘Storage’, it takes me to the Dashboard.

If I want to access the Shares on the MyCloud, I map the Shares as network drives, and they then appear under ‘MyPC’.