New router, MyCloud won't show on network

I just changed from an Apple Airport Extreme router to an Asus N66R router. I have everything else working but the MyCloud does not seem to be connecting to the network. It’s wired directly into the Asus router.
After rebooting the drive the blue light does come on on the front but I cannot connect to the drive with my PC, my Mac, or my iPhone (MyCloud app).

In the list of clients connected to the router the MyCloud does not show up.

I have checked the network cable is plugged in good on both ends, rebooted the router, rebooted the MyBook and nothing works.

Was it previously configured with a static IP address? If so, is your new router configured the same as your old one as far as subnets are concerned?

If it’s a static IP mismatch, you could try the 5-second reset which will revert it back to DHCP…

Honestly, I don’t know. What’s the 5-second reset?

It is a 4 second reset via the reset button on the back of the My Cloud. See the following WD Support document for how to perform a 4 second reset.

Great, I’ll try that when I get home this evening. Thanks!

Ok, that seems to have taken care of it on my Windows machine and my iOS devices but not on my Mac.
I have always had connection issues on my Mac. I tried the steps to map it but when I put in admin/admin into the name and password fields it won’t connect. It won’t connect if I use my regular name and password either.

If I try to connect through a normal finder window it only connects as a guest and I can’t actually access anything.

If I open the IP address in a browser on the Mac I can see it, likewise with the WD MY Cloud Mac app. Ultimately I’d like to be able to use it for Time Machine backups but the connection is just too unreliable.

Ok, I finally got the MyCloud mapped on my Mac. The user name was wrong and I didn’t catch it.
However, when trying to set up my Time Machine to use the TimeMachineBackup part of the MyCloud I get an error logging in.

It says: "There was a problem connecting to the server “WDMyCloud”.
“Check the server name or IP address, and then try again. If you continue to have problems, contact your system administrator.”