Can't Login My Cloud Web Access - Sign in Loop


I am trying to log in to the My Cloud Web Access, however every time I enter my username and password, it sends me to a screen which asks me to sign in again. I then try to sign in again on the new page, and the same thing happens again!

Is anyone else experiencing this and is there a solution?

Many thanks!

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Hi InkTheory,

If you are unable to login to, You may try checking on a different web browser or resetting the password and then try again. If you still face any issue, please contact support team.

I am having the exact same problem. Stuck in sign-in loop. Did you ever learn how to fix it?

Yep me too. Clearly a problem on their end, but no response as of yet.

Having the same problem here. Is there a fix ?

The fact that its intermittent suggests it not a network setting issue on our end. If it were a network setting on our end, then it would be constant. This is the problem with proprietary connection services. While WD is unlikely to go out of business (I’ve had several IP cameras that only connect through the manufacturers service and when they disappeared, the cameras became worthless), we are at their mercy as to the quality and “business longevity” of their service.

Any solution? I can’t log in… can’t reset (it won’t send me an email). Did a hard reset and changed all the users/passwords but still can’t get in! No help from support. If I can’t get in I’m going to have to trash 6TB of files… thanks WD!

Hey @InkTheory,

Since the you are not able to login to your My Cloud account using a browser, you may use the My Cloud Smartphone application for the meanwhile.

As per the browser interface, I believe you would have already tried alternate browsers as I read the other replies from the prompt and helpful users. This is the only thing you can do for the time being.

Your anit-virus might be blocking the url as an untrusted site. I know I had this problem with Bitdefender, you may need to add an exception for the WD ip address.