Web access portal flaky

Hello there: In addition to my other issues with remote connectivity to my WD MyCloud servers, I have an irritating issue with the web access portal. I go to the portal (www.files.mycloud.com) enter my username and password (which are correct) and it says “signing in” and it bumps me back to the portal page (not the login page). This is intermittent - sometimes happens and sometimes doesn’t. This happens on several computers and phones.

Anyone else having this problem?

Hello sktn77a,

Recently, I was also facing this issue then I was informed to type “https://files.mycloud.com” directly into the web browser. Now I have no issue while signing in on My Cloud over the remote network. Hope, this would be helpful for you.

Well, yes, the actuall address I type in is as you have described. Like I say, it’s intermittent but, as such, it’s an unreliable service. The problem has to be at their end.