Mycloud mirror cannot sign in

from my win 7 pc I can access my cloud mirror ok but when I am away from home using another persons desktop when I go to and try to sign in, all I get is email or password incorrect. Am I doing something wrong here as the mail/password are correct

maybe your My Cloud account is broken, request “forgot password” within the login credentials pages of and (re)setup your password. To do this you need to have access to the email account where the email for password reset will be send to (normally the email account which you used for your login credentials). This email contains the link to set a new password.

Afterwards, it should work as designed.

I now get the sign in page to move on but now the next page just says “Signing in”. This is very frustrating to say the least. Looks like returning mirror for a refund, so much for “access anywhere, anytime” slogan. Before I do is there anything else I can try as it seems this problem is very common.

To confirm - have you got cloud access actually enabled on the MCM’s dashboard?

yes I have. I can access from my desktop and from my mobile. I just cannot get access via My laptop is running Ubuntu so I have to use my clients desktops but cannot. The only thing happening at present is the 2 bkue hard drive lights have been flashing constantly for the last 10 minutes but it is not in use. web portal is not bound to any operating system in the client, you can use the built-in Ubuntu browser too.

I cannot login from any operating systems via a web browser, please read post.

If you can login via desktop app and Mobile, then the cloud connection is available and working. I have no clue what happens or why you cannot access from web portal. But I will ask some persons for support

please do that as that is my original problem

after 3 hours on “signing in” it has finally connected. Work that one out, looks like my clients will be getting larger invoices…