Can't log into using the Android app

I’ve been working with WD “tech support” for about 10 hours over the past few days and can’t get this figured out. I can’t log into my mycloud account using the app. I can log in just fine using a browser and can see all of my files. But, when I try to log in using the app I get an “incorrect email or password” error. Even though I’m using the same password and email I use when I log in via the browser.

If I try to use a share code to add a device, I get an error: “Network connection failure (906).” but the device is absolutely connected to the network (I’ve tried other networks too).

I’ve tried different email addresses, different user names, different passwords and nothing has worked so far.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


A number of people are experiencing the network connection failure message on Android (10). See the already running discussion…

Right. But I still have a “can’t log in” problem that isn’t indicating a network error. It’s possible that it is related to the 906 error but is simply displaying the wrong error message.


After some research i came across the SSL-Security-Certificate which isnt valid anymore since the 08/21.

Using your webbroser you will be able to accept the invalid certificate and use the non-secure way to access your data.

The APP will only work again if WD will renew their SSL-certificate.

In my oppinion we all have to open a supportticket to force WD to have it renewed as quick as possible.

I am seeing the same thing. Cannot login using the app, but can login via website using the exact same email address and password. This started on 21/Aug/20. Before that date it was working just fine.

I have raised a support ticket which includes the posts which highlight this issue.

Yup. It’s an SSL issue. But, you can use FTP to connect with no problem and it gives you pretty much the same functionality as the app would if it were actually working.

I tried using FTP yesterday. There was a marked performance drop. Video streaming was very intermittent. Also, FTP is not as secure.

switching to FTP-protocoll is like resign to the WD-failure

Not at all. I’m still working with their tech support department. FTP just lets me use Mycloud until they get their problem fixed.

Same issue here. After getting the new phone S20 Note. I cant login anymore using the android app. Wondering why the app name is changed to MyCloud OS 3

FTP is not secure. Something to be aware of if one plans on using it. Depending on your My Cloud model one may have additional more (potentially) secure methods of access (SFTP, WebDAV, etc.) than is offered on the single bay/single drive My Cloud units or with FTP alone.

Another option, that will bypass WD entirely, is setting up a VPN server on the same network as the My Cloud and use a VPN client to access that My Cloud from a remote location. VPN however does typically require more computer knowledge to setup and properly configure. Some consumer routers (like Asus) may include VPN server within the router’s firmware which can be enabled/setup using the router’s administration interface.

By using a VPN tunnel your computer will act as if its on the same local network as the My Cloud. It will bypass any issues present with the web portal or with the SSL cert used by WD in their mobile apps.

VPN aka “roll your own” is my preferred method.

same problem exactly

I think only happening on Android I can’t login with my note10 or S10 but I can login with my IPhone X . So I think is only Android got hit .

nope… maybe ur iphone isnt interrested in safe connections

I called a U.S.-based Western Digital office in Aliso Viejo, CA (949.672.7000) and explained the issue with the SSL certificate. The guy who answered the phone said I could expect a call back in 2-3 hours from a U.S.-based support team. Hopefully I’ll hear back soon. I suggest that people with a similar issue also call their local WD office and lodge a complaint. Maybe if we make enough noise WD will believe they have a problem and fix it.

Any updates? I’m having this issue as well.


pareil connection impossible au compte my cloud via l’appli my cloud android. mot de passe refusé ou erreur 906 en wifi ou donnée . ok via pc via version web après acceptation nouveau certificat.

si l’appareil est détaché du compte tout est HS car ensuite l’ampli refuse la connection au compte en wfi et donnée. impossible également j’ajouter un appareil via un code. ok via interface web après acceptation nouveau certificats.

le probleme vient des serveur de wd car tout fonctionné il y a 1 semaine.

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I have the same problem. Is there some formal feedback from WD tech support?