Can't find photos

Hi, I’m new to the WD My Cloud experience and have a question. I looked and didn’t see anyone else with this problem. I loaded about 300 photos to my cloud 3 TB drive. But when I look for them I only see 124 of them. If I try to load them again it tells me that they already exist on the drive…any ideas? I’m doing this remotely so I don’t have physical access to the drive. Thanks for your time.

What specific My Cloud device to you have? A single bay My Cloud, a My Cloud home which is different than a My Cloud, or a multi bay My Cloud device?

How are you attempting to access the files, using what program?

What Operating System are you running?

Are you attempting to access the My Cloud by it’s IP address or by its name?

If using Windows File Explorer its possible you have selected the My Cloud DLNA icon which will only show photos/images supported by the embedded media server within the My Cloud. When Windows is properly configured Windows File Manager should show two icons for the My Cloud. One for the DLNA media server, the other for file management/file browsing.

I believe it is My Cloud (tall thin model). I log in under the My Cloud site, not the My Cloud home. I’m logging in through the portal using Firefox.I haven’t renamed the drive so I assume (big assumption) that I’m accessing mine by the IP address. I’m running windows 10.

thanks for your reply.