WD Photos iOS App - Can't see anything new

Hi, probably a stupid question, but it’s making me tear my hair our!

Have a 3Tb MyCloud that has worked beautifully for the last 12 months or so, now, when I upload photos to it from my iPad now they don’t appear in the WD Photos app, all my old files are there but not the new ones.

The files are definitely uploading as I can view them via the My Cloud app (although without thumbnails), and viewing them via my Smart TV.

Have tried:

  • Reinstalling both apps on both iPad and iPhones.

  • Turning everything off and on again.

  • Rebuilding DLNA database on the My Cloud

Any help gratefully received!



What about a firewall not allowing the connection? Are you able to check your firewall settings.

Are you reinstalling the latest version available for the app?