Can't establish cloud access no matter what I try


Mycloud Mirror Gen 1
Firmware: 2.11.157
Router: TP-LINK Archer c3200
Internal IP: Static

I’ve got MyCloud hard wired into the router. I know the router supports UPnP but I can’t establish cloud access with it.

I’ve read through this article: [HOW-TO]: Troubleshooting Remote Connectivity Issues

I’ve added port forwarding (ports 80 and 443 and also 9080 and 9443) on the router and tried to get a connection established, but that also has failed.

I don’t know what else to do to get cloud access

I tried in this order

  1. Turn off cloud access on Mycloud

  2. Reboot mycloud

  3. set up port forwarding (80/443) on router

  4. reboot router

  5. enabel cloud access on mycloud, wait for connection to establish

  6. failed to connect

retried with different port #s … same result

See this, esp. last post

Or this one if your on the local LAN and not Remote