Can't connect with the remote/external server

The title says it all.

I write remote/external because I translate it from Dutch. Don’t know what’s
the right word in this case.

Regularly, I get that message but not all the time.

So sometimes everything works perfectly, the other time, I get that message.
For instance, when I try to make an extra sync map. At that time the WDMyclod
also doesn’t show up under network in explorer.

Anyone an idea what causes this?

Hi there,

Have you tried setting a static IP on the device, please check the following link for help on this process:

Hope this helps.

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Armak, thanks for the tip!

I will do this but what are the pros and cons for such a static IP ?
I’m quite new to this networking stuff, so excuse me if this turns
out to be a stupid question… :slight_smile:

The Pro is that the unit will ALWAYS be at that IP address , your network devices will be able to route data and requests to it without issues.

Without a Static IP , your router will be unable to find the MyCloud if it’s IP switches , it will try and send it to the last known IP address which will either not be there or possibly a different piece of equipment, so the request will fail.

So only advantages, then?

I can’t think of any Cons , only possible Con is if you assign the same IP to more than one piece of equiptment, one or both will become unavailable on your network…

All of my NAS drives (4 of them) , and the PCs (6) have fixed IP addresses , it allows me to manage and port forward to them easily , only phones , the TV etc etc I allow to use roaming IP addresses as it doesn’t matter what IP they are allocated.