Network connection failure - Dynamic IP

I have a new WD 8TB My Cloud EX2 Ultra device.

On the internal HOME network, I can connect to the NAS dashboard using its internal IPת I can see the files on the shared folders as well. That’s without any problem.

When I try to connect to the NAS through “” or through the app (Android), I get an error message “Network connection failure”. I suppose this is because I getting a dynamic IP from my ISP, so every time the IP switches, the NAS cannot be accessed through the site as well as through the app.

Is there a way to connect remotely to the NAS when the ISP does not provide static IP?


Well, a non-static IP from your ISP WILL cause problems; but not for the mycloud app and

Your mycloud will “phone home” and tell the WD servers “where it is”; so that everything will play nice. Frankly, these are not the “silent” devices from a cyber security perspective.

Go into the WD dashboard and check out “Settings”; “General”, the “Cloud access” section.
Cloud service should be “on”
Connection status should be “connected”, with “Port Forwarding connection established”.

From a cyber perspective, dashboard cloud access should be “off” (locks out dashboard from outside your home network/subnet.

If “port forwarding connection” is established properly. . .everything should work. If it says “Relay connection established”, that means your NAS is talking to the WD servers, and the WD apps SHOULD work. . . but the port forwarding settings are wonky and OTHER apps may not work.

Oh . . to your original question. . . there are services that will map your router IP address to a domain name.

I have an ASUS router, and they do this for free. So, when outside my network I can access my network with some hokey address like “”.

Mostly I use this feature when using a sketchy coffee shop hotspot to create a VPN link from a device on the road.

Thank you for your quick answer.

as I mentioned, the communication “problem” also occurred with

last night everything was o.k. but this morning I couldn’t connect to my NAS through “” (“Network connection failure”).

for some reason, during night, the NAS stop communicating with the WD servers, so I couldn’t see the NAS all day.

when I get home, I went into the WD dashboard, all was set up correctly.

I turn the Cloud service “off” and then “on” again and the connection with the WD servers established and I could access the NAS through the site (as well as through the app).

the only thing I can think of is that during night the dynamic IP was changed and for some reason the NAS didn’t “update” the WD servers with the new IP… and I wonder why?