Can't Connect WD Passport to MyCloud via USB

Why can’t I see my Passport when connected to the MyCloud via USB? I have reformatted using default settings. I was able to connect another WD HDD but for some reason cannot see my Passport.

If you check the WD My Cloud Dashboard does it indicate that a USB is connected? The USB icon looks like this (under the OS 3 firmware) when a drive is connected:

If so, then check the Alarm icon to see if there are any errors reported for the USB drive. The Alarm icon looks like this (under the OS 3 firmware) when there is a notification:

There are some of us who are having problems with certain USB drives not properly mounting with the WD My Cloud running the OS 3 firmware. In my case two different external USB 3.0 drives are not mounting properly with the v04.04.01-112 firmware. Here is one such thread discussing the issues.

Hi Bennor, nothing showing in both USB and alarm section. I just can’t understand why a HDD from same company wouldn’t be compatible. The main reason I bought the mycloud was so I could expand the storage via USB.

What did you format the external USB drive too? I.e., what format, NTSF, FAT32, EXT4, etc.?
Does the external USB drive work in a computer?
Do you have another external USB device you can attach to the My Cloud to test connectivity?

I formatted the passport to NTSF (default) and it works fine when connected directly to the laptop.
I just connected a 7xusb hub to the mycloud and can see all 3 flash drives connected but not the passport.

Is the WD Passport drive a USB 3.0 drive or a USB 2.0 drive?

another suggestion is to run a full drive check on the WD Passport drive on your computer (Windows I assume) to see if there are any errors on the drive that might be preventing the My Cloud from properly accessing that drive.

It’s an ultra 3.0 and I have tested for errors and there’s nothing wrong with it. I was using this as my main HDD but then bought the mycloud to extend my storage