External WD Drives not being seen by My Cloud

Hello all, I currently have a 4TB my Book drive attached via a Powered USB Hub to my Gen 1 My cloud. I can add 2TB My passport Ultra drives via the hub and they are seen, however If I try to add my newer 4TB My Passport drives they are not seen. Again the USB hub is powered, so I’m not sure what might be going on?
Any ideas or someone experiencing similar issue? (Kind of Frustrating)

Make sure the USB drive is formatted in a format supported by the My Cloud.


Hi Bennor, All drives are formatted in NTFS.

The My Cloud may have problems if there are two or more partitions on the hard drive. Check the drive to ensure it has one single partition.

As a troubleshooting step disconnect all other USB drives via the My Cloud Dashboard and connect the problematic drive to the My Cloud direct to the My Cloud USB port. Could be a problem with the hub being unable to power all devices connected to it.

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Hi again Bennor, Thanks for your responses. There is only one partition on any of the external drives I have attached. I followed your advice to

That worked, so I guess it is an issue with the hub itself. I’m not sure if there is a hub that is more robust in power, but I can look into that.
Again thanks for your help. Have a Great day!