Can't connect EX2 to MyPassport Wireless by USB - can you help?


One of the reasons I decided to go for all WD storage was for compatibility. However when I plug my 2TB MyPassport Wireless into my new EX2 it’s not recognised and I get the following error.

					Unsupported File System
				An unsupported file 

system has been detected on a USB device (vendor Western_Digital, model:
My_Passport_083C, serial number: [Deleted - Privacy], file system: N/A, label:
N/A). Please remove the USB device.
Tuesday, 2016 January 26, 11:00:16 AM

What I do is connect MPW to a PC via USB (any PC on home network) and access the NAS on PC as well, all via Windows File Explorer. It is how I copied my MPW media to NAS when NAS was new.

Connecting a drive directly to the NAS is not the best way; connecting via PCs is to send/receive data through the Ethernet cables is; especially with gigabit routers.

Your MPW probably formatted as Ex-FAT. I believe WD NAS don’t support Ex-FAT format partition.

Thanks for the feedback guys. I guess I assumed that the two devices would work together natively. Is it possible to reformat the MPW into a supported format and still keep it’s functionality?

WD formats the MPW as exFAT to make it fully compatible with a PC or a Mac. Why not just leave it that way and connect it to a PC as I described above?