'Unsupported File System' and 'USB Device May Fail' when plugging in My Passport Wifi

Just today received my brand new My Passport Wifi; I can connect just fine from my iPhone & manage it over wifi; and my PC recognises it just fine, but when I plug it into the back of my EX4 I just get those error messages.
My old USB 2 My Passport works just fine, as did my friend’s USB 3 My Passport without wifi, although I used his before the new firmware.


The reason why you are getting this error, is because the Passport Wireless is formatted on ExFat and the EX4 does not support that format through the USB port.

Please see page 54 of the user manual for the list of supported file systems.


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Yeah, that did it. Thanks very much.

Any ideas why the EX4 isn’t compatible with exFat? It would seem a sensible thing to be able to use…