Can WD passport wireless be compatible with both mac and windows at same time?


I used my drive on Mac and used it as a time machine back up. It works well on Mac. But it has the following issues:

On Windows: it is not showing as a device, on disk manager, it is showing and displays that “this device is working properly” but otherwise it is not visible to open or access on My Computer

On Ubuntu: it is a read-only device, I can’t copy or create a new folder.

Can it be formatted so that it works on all operating system? I am fine with not using as a time machine back up for mac.
Any help is appreciated.

For it to be easily compatible with Macs and PCs most all of the wireless drives come out of box formatted exFAT. Some are reported as being formatted NTFS. I have a Gen1 MPW formatted as exFAT, and my MPW/SSD came formatted as NTFS. Hence, your issue is not with the drive’s format. My drives can both be seen on PC when connected directly with cable to drive, fine. My drives can also be seen on PC when they are running wirelessly in File Explorer when PC and drive are on same home network.

The best way I can help you is to refer you to WD support where you can discuss this issue in real time with WD.