USB to NAS backup with WD My Passport: unrecognized device

Hi all,

I’ve just got a EX2 and was trying to back up about 2TB data from WD My Passport 2TB to it.

When plugged in the notification in the dashboard says unrecognized device or something like that. And another notification said reboot needed. It recognized My Passport and its capacity with model number and everything. But under USB devices nothing was found (which was reasonable if it wasn’t properly mounted with a driver I guess). The WD My Passport 2TB is a hard disk I use on daily basis on my windows computer and nothing has ever gone wrong with it so far. After being unplugged from the NAS I tried plugging it into the computer and it was still working alright.

I’ve done the rebooting from the dashboard several times, waited enough time, plugged the USB cable several times, and still it cannot seem to mount it. Any suggestions what could be wrong? Anyone else experiencing this?

On a side note: When I was trying to create job in the dashboard -> USB to NAS backup, ‘source’  was unable to find a directory with the USB device (which is expected if it isn’t mounted), but ‘target’, which was the NAS, was fine, and it could read the directories, and I was able to select the directory. But after clicking on ‘ok’ the path didn’t show up. Is this normal?

On another side note: I was also trying to upload data directly from my computer via the my cloud app. The upload speed is estimated to be about 2KB/s on average with all attempts but one. One attempt, miraculously, registered a speed of about 1MB/s which didn’t last for long (a few minutes top, before the speed went back to the 1~2KB/s). There was only that one computer (via wifi) and the NAS (via internet cable that came with it) connected with the 100M router during the whole time I was making all these attempts and i didn’t change anything. Any suggestion on what I should try, test or check? This speed was just beyond ridiculous.

Thanks to anyone with any suggestion or similar experience sharing!

Rebooted again, two notifications:

Unsupported File System

An unsupported file system has been detected on a USB device (vendor Western_Digital, model: My_Passport_0748, serial number:[Deleted], file system: N/A, label: N/A)

Thursday, 18 December, 2014 19:25:30

USB Device May Fail

A USB device is facing imminent failure (vendor: Western_Digital, model: My_Passport_0748, serial number: [Deleted])

Thursday, 18 December, 2014 19:25:30


Any ideas anyone??

Hello and welcome to the community,

What firmware version are you using?