WD Passport not recognized after Eject NAS

Yesterday I did use my USB WD Passport 2TB on my WD Ex2 Ultra NAS. It did work. I did see my files.
I did Eject the disk because I was done for the day. Now the next day, my WD Passport is not recognized on the NAS. I did test it on my laptop, and also on my Windows laptop the USB drive is not detected.

In Disk Management I cannot see the device. With Diskpart.exe I cannot see the deivce.
In Device manager I see one USB device with Driver Error.
Is it possible the NAS did do something wrong with my USB device?

EDIT: In the Device Manager I can see what is happening with the deivce, but I don`t know what to do now.

Device USB\VID_1058&PID_0748\575842314536325544533535 was not migrated due to partial or ambiguous match.

Last Device Instance Id: USB\VID_0951&PID_1665\1C6F6581FE2EB1B400000099
Class Guid: {36fc9e60-c465-11cf-8056-444553540000}
Location Path: PCIROOT(0)#PCI(1400)#USBROOT(0)#USB(3)
Migration Rank: 0xF000FFFF00000020
Present: false
Status: 0xC0000719

Device USB\VID_1058&PID_0748\575842314536325544533535 had a problem starting.

Hi @Webleyboy,

Please refer to the article for further troubleshooting steps:Windows or macOS Cannot Find My Drive: Cannot Find My WD Drive on Windows or macOS

Have you opened a Support Case? If not opened, for more information, please contact the WD Technical Support team for the best assistance and troubleshooting: