2 TB My Passport not recognized by Windows Explorer, yet appears right in Device Manager

This problem happened with two identical WD My Passport external HDD’s that I own.
Plug in the USB in win 10: It does not recognize it.
Open Device Manager and locate the device: It seems to be working properly.
Yet, it doesn’t show up anywhere ‘readable’ that I could get data off of it.

Next, opened it in Disk Management and it shows the following:

So it’s healthy, yet, doesn’t have a volume on it.

So I had no other option, than to use ‘testdisk’ and extract data. (It is currently doing a deep read).

I’ll appreciate any suggestions on what to do otherwise. I have important data on both these it and I do not want to lose it.

If this can happen for 2 disks, I am losing confidence in doing business with WD.

Shortly after posting my query, I think I might have found the answers.
I’m reporting that here, just in case, it helps someone in future.

Main page for discussion of such problems:

Data retrieval suggested by WD:

That is sufficient to address my query.