Passport Not Recognized as Drive in Windows 10

I have a 4TB passport that just suddenly stopped working in Windows 10. Windows will not recognize it as a drive that can be accessed. I can see it in Windows as a Device, in Device Manager under the WD drives and as a Disk Drive but there’s no way to access the contents.

I’ve tried using WD Utilities, and it recognizes that it’s there but it’s saying I’ve attempted too many passwords and suggesting I wipe the drive. I never set up a password for this drive AND I never entered a password. I have some things I’d prefer not to lose on that drive and am really hoping that I can figure out a way to access it.

Things I’ve tried:
Tried 3 different USB cables.
Tried 2 different computers
Uninstalled and reinstalled through Device Manager.
Tried updating Drivers in Windows, it updated once, now says up to date.
WD Driver tool, says it’s up to date.

Has anyone had this happen and if so did you find a solution???

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