Difficulties with external hard drive passport after installing windows 10

After installing windows 10, my passport no longer is recognized by my computer. I uninstalled, reinstalled several times. Still not working. It appears that Ses drive is installed, Utilities,security and firmware,are on the desk top and installed. However,when clicked it says attach a supported wd drive IT IS ATTACHED… The back up wanted me to send to drop box. I did and it said there was not enough space, i AM SO FRUSTRATED can anyone help please.


Can you verify if the drive is working on another computer?

You can also try replacing the USB cable just for troubleshooting purposes.

I plugged the passport into another computer and it is recognized. I did not install it on that computer because I do not want to back it up,
Any other ideas?? Thanks


I bought my My Passport Ultra 1TB USB3.0 several months ago and have experienced identical results under Win10; slightly better under Win7.

I bought this external driver because of its portability. Yet the WD software, and the user interface to the portable drive via the computer’s OS makes this drive anything BUT easy to be portable.

I’ve been attempting to use this drive “stock” in order to take advantage of the hardware-level encryption. I’m backing up my desktop machine to this drive which I intend to carry out of the house so that I have a backup if the house burns down or burglars get the computer.

BUT, I have 3rd party software that will encrypt as it replicates to another disk. I’m debating wiping this little My Passport Ultra, starting with a fresh hard disk, and creating my own backup situation. I’m reasonably certain there will be an “eject” option on Windows Explorer/File Manager if I clean the disk and do away with the “virtual CD” that appears when this HD is plugged in.

Who ever designed the security and backup software seemingly did not take into account how a small little HD like this would be used – to be PORTABLE! It’s hardly portable when it takes five minutes to disable backup software, then figure out how to safely detach it from the computer.