My Passport Hard Drive severely messed up computer

Adding External Hard Drive (WD) messed up computer

I just purchased a WD My Passport external hard drive. I already have 2 of them that work fine on my system (windows 7 64bit). When I first plugged the new one in windows recognized it and tried to install. First 2 of the first 3 parameters went fine but I got an error message on the 3rd that read “WD SES Device USB Device - No Driver Found” but windows did recognize the drive. The SES (SCSI Enclosure Services) driver is a driver for some of the new optional features that I don’t need.

But since that exact instant I now have several problems.

#1 - my keyboard now will not work through the normal keyboard port. Tried two different ones, no go. Luckily I had a usb keyboard that will work.

#2 - when I try to do windows update it hangs up after selecting install updates. It hangs at “downloading updates - 0kb total 0% complete”.
Windows defender also hangs during update search.

There are a couple of other issues like a browser crashing, and such.
Device Manager is now giving me a yellow error icon for all 3 WD drives now as well. But they all work/are recognized.

Can someone please help?

thanks in advance.

Hi @cedar

you can download the SES driver manually from our Support pages. Please use this method and install the driver manually via Windows’ Device Manager.

Try to revers/repair the problems from the install by running Windows Restore from a point BEFORE the drive was installed.

Joerg, mike, thanks for replying.

After several reboots I think most of the problems have corrected themselves.
Windows update finally finished after more than an hour, though upon restarting to implement changes I got an “unexpected crash” error. But it seems the updates all took, as it shows no new ones available.
And my keyboard will now work from the normal plugin as well.

I disconnected all 3 drives and rebooted in safe mode. Everything worked fine. After normal boot connected all 3 drives back and then device manager showed the yellow driver error on all 3 drives, when the 1st two have always been recognized. I took the advice from Joerg and installed the SES driver manually and now all 3 drives are recognized and have no error indicators in device manager.

I just found it amazing that that drive could cause so many issues with other things (keyboard, windows update, browser)).
One thing I didn’t mention is that this latest drive is a “recertified” one purchased directly from WD.
That couldn’t have anything to do with things could it?
At any rate it “seems” everything is back to normal.
Time will tell for sure though.