Passport works fine but SES problem in device manager

Windows 10: The old SES no driver problem with new twist! my 2tb passport drive works fine, formatted as NTFS but shows as yellow mark in devices and printers. Under properties shows as WD my passport, usb mass storage, my passport portable device and the dreaded WD SES device usb device. There is no ses driver installed, none for windows 10 to find and is greyed out - you cannot ‘update driver’ if there isnt one! WD site says it is installed automatically for the (legacy and mostly MAC) utilities and security. The links send you in circles or to 404, the one they have to download is an ancient 2011 file that is designed for FAT. All I want to do is get rid of that annoying exclamation mark in device manager, all answers seen so far are too old and not relevant, does anyone have any ideas please?

Same issue, I have OCD so it’s really bothering me…no one seems to be able to answer this, going back over a decade lol


Hi, yes it was driving me nuts and various suggestions and links to non-relevant stuff doesnt help! I have however just today managed to stop it - I found and installed the ancient (2011) driver package, even though I dont need it, dont have FAT, software it calls etc etc - i think it is on that list if you want to try
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