My Passport doesn't seem to want to work

I had backed up my old pictures, writings, mp3s etc. onto the 500Gb My Passport on my old computer which was running Windows 7. Now, as I try to get those files back, this pc with Windows 10 isn’t wanting to play nice with the external drive. It says there’s no driver, so I downloaded what I thought was the driver, but the computer didn’t seem to recognize that there was one after a couple of restarts. I also did a firmware upgrade, but again, this seemingly did nothing. Any ideas on how to get this drive working with my Windows 10 pc?

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Hi @WasatchRebel,

Please test the health of your drive using the Western Digital Drive utility:

Title: Setting up and using WD Drive Utilities
Link: Setting up and using WD Security and WD Drive Utilities

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Yes. I have a similar issue except my desktop, running W10, had to be repaired so I backed up everything to my Passport, and the backup seemed to complete. I now have the PC back, but when I plug in the Passport, though it is recognized in devices and printers and device manager, it says “Driver is unavailable.” I have tried removing the drive and reconnecting it, and powering off the PC and restarting it, but that doesn’t help. What do you recommend?


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Chris M

I tried to set up a support ticket as requested but received an error message upon selecting submit. Sorry to not reply more quickly but I was unable to. Here is my situation:

I had to have my PC repaired and my hard drive was erased in the process. I backed up everything to My Passport Ultra as I have in the past, with the software prompting me, etc. When I tried to restore the date to my repaired PC it didn’t work and the WD software to do so didn’t appear to be available. Though I had some on my OneDrive, it was not as current as I thought.


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