WD Software doesn't see My Passport 5TB on Win10

I have bought a brand new My Passport 5TB. Two different win10 computers recognize the drive, assign it a letter, and the bundled software installs successfully. The Utilities self-tests return an ok/passing status. However, the Backup software, and the Firmware software do not recognize that the drive is attached. It does not show up as a USB device in Device Manager or sysinfo…

I read that the newer drives or at least Win10 do not need an SES driver like the old drives/Win7 and below. So I’m not sure how to diagnose. I hope this is a software/Windows issue, not a bad drive.

I see some other similar reports. Is this a Windows 10 issue? I have a Macbook Pro that recognizes the drive too, but the computer is a work computer that I cannot install 3rd party software on to test.

Please advise.

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Hi vachesays,

You can refer to the link mentioned below to know how resolve the issue.