My Passport 0730 not recognised by Windows 10

I noticed about 3 weeks ago that my Passport 0730 was no longer accesse by my HP Pavilion. There were a couple of other issues, such as AVG not being recognised. I put this down to a software update from Windows 10 (and have since uninstalled AVG and I am now using Windows Defender -_-’.). The drive is seen in Device Manager, as WD My Passport 0730, and under properties it is shown as working perfectly. There is no yellow marker either next to the drive, or the USB Mass Storage icon. However, it is not recognised by Explorer, and there is no drive name assigned to the drive under device Management. The product was working fine last year. I have about 12 years of work on the drive and really need to be able to access it. What has happened? Has Microsoft crewed up with an update? How can I get access to my drive? I downloaded a recovery program, but the drive is invisible to it. The WD toolkit just tells me to attach a drive, when I a;ready have, so that is not recognising it either.


I recommend you contact WD Support directly for assistance with this issue.