Can't access wdmycloud from remote desk top

hi, this may an old question but i need some help

I have mycloud installed on my home network. It work fine. I can access my cloud from my home desktop, from my ipad, and iphone oth at home or in my office. I can also access via my 3g connection from my laptop


From my office at university I cant access it. In my office I am connected to the internet via the university internet network. I have tried installing all the necessary downloads but in some instances it asks for my email and password but when I enter it says its incorrect…what do I do?

AND why cant I access it from the same computer when I use this computers 3G connection and not the university network

Thank you in advance for any help

Hi and welcome to the WD community.

Something you can verify is that the network you  are trying to access the drive from does not have any restrictions and also verify ports 80 and 443 are open or forwarded.

I have the same issue. Seems like remote access is broken more often than not.

I accessed my device a week ago, but now it tells me it’s off-line. My local network is just fine. Typically, if I restart the device, it may work (unless the WD servers are down). Just restarted, and no joy.

Simple test: iPhone; turn off WiFi. The WD app reports my device off-line. Turn on WiFi and refresh … all volumes visible.

Is there a status page somewhere that shows the WD server status, so I could easily tell if the problem is on their end?

thank you ports are correct   now getting message that i mustlog in and when i do it says that email or password not correct   when i rectify still does the same

Irvine, did you solve your problem? Mine is almost the same, except that I can’t access outside my home network. Using my home network, I can access from my notebook, iphone and ipad. Using other wireless or other network, no access allowed.

Has anyone from WD responded?  I am having a similar problem.  I am trying to FTP from a security camera but don’t see the MyCloud that is on the remote network.

Please someone help!  My local cameras in US have no  problem FTPing to the local My Cloud but here in Thailand i don’t see it.  WDmycloud is not working.