Can't access my cloud share in Win 10 file explorer

I just went from ATT dsl to Comcast broadband, and now, even though I can see it, I get error message that says my share is not accessible and to check with admin (me) to find out if you have access permissions. It also says a device attached to the system is not functioning. I can access it through everything (mycloud app, phone app etc) but my desktop ( I can with the desktop app) I went in and adjusted the password and still I can’t get in, I use my computer password and I can’t get in, even though I’m the administrator. How can I get in without messing up everything?

I forgot to upload an image of the error

Check the Manage Windows Credentials app to see if there is an entry(s) for the My Cloud, if so remove it then reboot the computer and try to access the My Cloud again.

Edit to add: Also check to ensure the User name your using to access the Share if a Private Share has the appropriate permissions set to access that Share using the My Cloud Dashboard.

I first changed the password to match my windows password, but that didn’t work, I then deleted it in the windows credential manager. I then downloaded another mycloud set up app and it set up yet another copy that I had to rename, I have now two myclouds even though I only have one, and I can’t get into either one of them - through the file explorer, this was working fine till I hooked up into the new modem/router. I clicked o the new dashboard and I now have three showing in my network, one original, one I renamed, and one with a network address, and I still can’t access any with the exception of the public folders. My dashboard shows my name with no password. the error message says a device is not functioning on the last line, yet it appears to work fine.

OK, I failed to reboot after I removed the password credential, I’ll try that

Ok, I rebooted and that still didn’t work. although I’m back to one mycloud, the one I renamed.

I forget to include screenshots, this is my user account, it shows my name, and no password, I think the problem is in windows, I think it wants my log on user name and passord to get into windows, but when I put it in, it won’t allow me to access the share

Make sure you use the same credentials (your MyCloud user credentials) for ALL shares you access; you need to force ‘use other credentials’ when you connect. You also need to make sure windows isn’t remembering credentials for you (E.g. if you simply hit ‘Public’, it will connect with your windows user credentials. Windows will not let you then connect to any other shares with your MyCloud credentials.

I’ve never had problems before, where is the force other credentials checkbox? I can get into the public, but I don’t usually use that.

I rechecked windows credentials and mycloud is no longer in there

I have since been able to regain access. I had mycloud pinned to quick access, and since I had added, renamed and removed the old one, I believe that might have created a conflict. I removed it (unpinned)and I was able to log in successfully.

Thanks for the help, I appreciate your time and suggestions :slight_smile: