Cannot see a Western Digital MyBook 2Tb when hookedup to my MyCloud 4Tb USB expansion port

Hi everybody.

Just bought a My Cloud 4Tb and everything is working fine.

I moved some files and I can access them from anywhere.

It is great.

But now I want to connect a Western Digital MyBook 2Tb that has some data on it

and when I plugged it in the MyCloud 4Tb USB expansion port, nothing happens.

In the user manual it says we plug it and “Voilà” but there is no “Voilà” because in the

My Cloud Dashboard or in Windows File Explorer, I cannot see the second drive.

Anybody has an answer to that situation ?

What’s the format of the drive?

Stock. Never been formatted so it is the format from Western Digital like it came out of the box.

My question would be, why would I have to consider how WD formats their external harddrive (Fat or NTFS) ?

They come from the same company (supplier).

YoubiGreat wrote:

why would I have to consider how WD formats their external harddrive (Fat or NTFS) ? They come from the same company (supplier).

…because you didn’t mention that it was “stock” until now…  Some people format their drives w/ExFAT which WD doesn’t support on the My Cloud.

I just connected my My Book 3TB with no issues – recognized it within 20-30 seconds and presented a new “Share” as expected.

You may need to check the log files to see what’s happening.

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OK. The My Book 2Tb is a NTFS.

I took the time to live with the beast for a while.

Nothing attached/No USB Connected to my My Cloud 4tb.

Was able to create all Network drives (Map Network drive) and fonctionned for 2 days without problems.

Transfered almost 2Tb and everything was good (11Mb/s is good) (Not all my componants are Gigabits on the network)

Then I tryed again and again and it still doesn’t want to read my My Book 2Tb when it is connected to my My Cloud 4Tb.

So I replaced the My Book 2Tb with a Passport 1Tb and it was able to see it in the WD My Cloud Dashboard.

At least, for a while.

After a couple of hours, Problems to see the WDMYCLOUD device under Network in the Windows Explorer.

I plugged my My Book 2Tb in the USB 3.0 behind my brand new Linksys WRT1900AC.

I was able to see it just enough to be able to ceate a network drive with the My Book 2Tb.

Then, It got worst.

Now I cannot reconnect any Network drive.

Don’t know what to do other then disconnect the passport and the My Book.

Any suggestions ?