MyCloud won't recognise new (recertified) MyBook

Just purchased a 6TB MyBook (Recertified new version) to add additional storage to my 4TB MyCloud (recertified old version). The new MyBook works fine when plugged into a PC, but when plugged into the USB port of the MyCloud, the MyCloud acesses it then the light on the MyCloud turns red and nothing can be accessed either from MyBook or MyCloud.
I am wondering if the problem is a software conflict between the 2 drives? How do I proceed?

One suggestion. Backup any data on the MyBook drive. Then remove/delete all the partitions on the drive. Then repartition the drive with one single partition. Then format that partition for NTFS. Sometimes the My Cloud has trouble with USB hard drives that have more than one partition or which are formatted in a format other than NTFS.

The drive is new (Recertified) so all that is on it is the MyBook/WD software, will I lose anything vital if I reformat?

Just connected MyBook to PC, properties shows that is formatted ExFat, so will NTFS be better?

ExFat isn’t apparently supported, per the My Cloud User Manual ( Supported formats are:

NTFS (read and write capability)
Ext2, Ext3/Ext4

Seems ExFat might be the problem then. I will reformat the drive NTFS and let you know, will have to wait until tomorrow though.

OK, reformatted NTFS and now it works BUT, I have now got another problem! When I try to access the MyCloud drive using 162.168.1.*** it comes up NOT SECURE and I am not able to access MyCloud dashboard, any ideas?

Is that a typo? Normally its

Yes should be 192.168.1.***, I can log in through WD website, but that doesn’t allow access to dashboard. Apart from not being able to access dashboard everything else works

Just managed to access dashboard using http:// etc., not sure why 192.1 etc is not working.

For future reference on how to access the My Cloud Dashboard.

Yes this was the page I looked up, thanks for your help. Still puzzled why IP address doesn’t work.

Oh dear, I’m in trouble now!! Now the http:// link is not allowing me to access the dashboard. The sign in screen appears but it won’t let me enter my password, just flashes in the address box NOT SECURE, seems I have to clear something somewhere but I don’t know what, Help!!

Can you post a screen capture of what you see to help others understand what you are seeing?

Other suggestions, disable any browser add-on’s and extensions. Its possible one of them is interfering with accessing the My Cloud Dashboard on the local network. What web browser are you using? Try a different web browser.

Update! I am using Chrome, as you say something in Chrome is blocking access, not sure how to get a screen capture, but screen shows login screen with user/password, but in address bar shows NOT Secure I 192.168.1.***, it is not possible to type in password, just goes into continuous loop in address bar refreshing screen.
The good news is that I forgot I have Internet explorer on my PCs so using that I have no problem accessing dashboard.
I will try to work out what the problem is with Chrome with my limited knowledge and post back.

Cracked it!Seems the problem is a recent Chrome update, switching from HTTP to HTTPS, I don’t really understand the implications but using HTTPS and allowing the site works.