Cannot connect to WD MY Cloud device with new SKY router

I’ve had the MyCloud 5tb external drive connected to my broadband router for about 5 years and I’ve just changed broadband supplier to SKY. However, now I cannot access the device at all, on either of my laptops (Macbook Pro 2022 and Macbook Pro 2015). I’ve spent hours trying to detect it with WD Discovery and WD Drive Utility with no success, but I’m convinced it’s an issue with the new router and possibly some firewall issue.

Has anyone else come across this issue?


Is this a NAS product which you connect it using the rj-45 cable to the router. Or this is a DAS product which are you using the usb cable connect it to the router? If it is a DAS product, you could try to connect it, the cable to your computer to see if you can see it. If this is a NAS product, you should post your issue in here My Cloud OS 3 Network Attached Storage - WD Community

Thanks. It’s a NAS product, so I’ll take your advice and post in the other link

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