Cannot connect to MyCloud Home Public Share from MacOS

I have a new MyCloud Home device that I want to use to stream music to my Sonos system, using a MacOS device to manage iTunes. I’m having a problem that may simply me my lack of MacOS understanding.

I see from Answer 20685 (How to Use Sonos System with a My Cloud Home for Local Network Playback) that I need to put my music onto the MyCloud Home “Public Share” - not in “Private User Space”.

In MacOS Finder, under “Shared”, i see MyCloud-DT948K. When I click on MyCloud-DT948K, I see a folder called Time Machine Backup (which I believe was created during the setup of my MyCloud Home device). In the top right of the Finder window is a “Connect As…” button. If I select that, it asks for credentials, for Guest or for a Registered User. Here, I am unable to connect. I’ve tried my MacOS user credentials, I’ve tried the credentials I created when setting up the MyCloud Home device. I’ve tried to make those both the same. No combination allows me to connect to the device. [The Connect As… windows just “shakes” with an error, but no error message is displayed.]

Any suggestions?

  1. The Public Share is not viewable on macOS. It’s primarily for Windows backup.
  2. TimeMachineBackup share must be connected to as the GUEST user.

Thank you for the quick response. Sadly, it sounds like this device won’t meet my needs.

Just to make sure I understand, do I understand this correctly:

  • With a Mac is my primary computer, I cannot access the Public Share.
  • Therefore, I cannot use a Mac to manage my music for Sonos (as described in Answer 20685)
  • Also, I cannot use a Mac to manage files that I want to have accessible remotely.

Is that all correct?

If so, are there any other MyCloud devices which would meet my needs?

I have the same problem. A bit amazed that you haven’t gotten a good reply on your question. Must be a way to make it work.

The link you referred to does not solve my problem. My question is how I connect my sonos system to my WD? I have managed to find one MP3 song through the Sonos app and music source “My cloud home”. But when I try to locate that particular song in order to perhaps identify folder to put more music in, I can’t get that info. I would like the possibility to assign a folder in WD to Sonos where I can put music in for access, but it seems impossible.
I am running on a mac.


4 years later, but I can provide a solution for this topic from my end. It took a while figuring out, that the share can be connected via CIFS. In your finder select “Go > Connect to Server…”. There you put either the IP-Address format “cifs://” or the device name format “cifs://MYCLOUD-XXXXXX/Public”. Then you simply connect as “Guest”, not as a registered user.

SMB does not work, it is essential, that you use CIFS. This is the way you can access the same public folder as you can do on your Windows machine.