Issues Sharing Files With Sonos System

Hi - I am hoping someone can help me with a problem I am having with my new WD MyCloud 2TB drive.

I recently bought a Sonos speaker which is currently connecting to my iMac to stream music, however because I didn’t want to have to turn my mac on every time I wanted to listen to music I thought i’d invest in a NAS drive.

The MyCloud drive arrived yesterday and setup was really easy and I had my music files syncing with the drive in no time at all.

I’ve come home from work tonight and see that all of the files have now been sync’d so I figure I should connect my Sonos speaker to the MyCloud drive. However here’s where I started having issues…

I attempted to add my music folder to the Sonos system using the following network path: \ wdmycloud \ Music

However when I did so Sonos informed me that ‘There is no shared folder “Music” on the computer “wdmycloud”.’ And of course this is correct, as I need to enable public sharing for this particular folder.

I found an help page regarding how to make folders on the MyCloud drive public (i’d love to post a link to this page but as I’m a newbie I cannot post more than 2 links)

On this page it advises that ‘From the menu bar, choose Go > Network.’ - However there is no information about which menu bar this is… I’ve still no idea which application or webpage this is referring to.

Pushing on I found further information that suggested I could make the folder public by logging onto the dashboard through a web browser as detailed here:

The dashboard apparently looks like this:

However whichever way I attempt to log into the site, I cannot find this page. I get to the setup page that was presented to me when I originally setup the device via http://wdmycloud.local/ which if I click through eventually tells me I have been sent an email with login details.

Checking this email gives me a 2nd link: - if I login here I am presented with the following page:

However this page provides no sharing options or obvious way to allow me to set my Music folder to public.

Please can someone advise me on how I can either:
a) Access the dashboard as shown in the image above, or
b) Tell me another way I can setup my music folder to be shared publicly so I can sync my Sonos speaker to the directory.

Thanks very much for reading this - any help would be hugely appreciated!!



The network path I used was: \wdmycloud\Music

The help page that asked me to go to the menu bar, choose Go > Network. Is:


First, use the forum search feature, magnifying glass icon upper right, and search for “sonos”. There are numerous prior discussions on various problems with using a Sonos device with the My Cloud.

Second, can you access the network path \\wdmycloud\Music with Mac Finder?

Third, double check the actual location of where you have copied the files to on the My Cloud. Ensure there really is a Share called Music. Sometimes people get confused and think the subfolder called Shared Music in the default Public Share is the “Share”. It is not. If you did copy the media to the shared music subfolder within the Public Share then the path would be something like \\WDMYCLOUD\Public\Shared Music.

I assume you are trying to connect the Sonos to a My Cloud located on the same local network.

If you haven’t done so already you should download and read the entire My Cloud User Manual ( It explains how to use the various features/options of the My Cloud. Also see the My Cloud Dashboard Help. If you haven’t already done so you may need to activate the DLNA media server and the iTunes media server on the Dashboard > Settings > Media page. And enable Media Serving on the Share containing the media files on the Dashboard > Shares page.

It appears that you have two ‘shares’: Public and WDSync. It appears that you have put your media under the WDSync folder. Thus, the path you want is probably:


Did you really want to use a sync program (which will actively duplicate changes at either end to the other end?

Did you really want to put you media folders inside a WDSync share/folder?

You do not have to use WD software to access the MyCloud; you can use Finder to access the file store, and any number of third party backup/sync programs to perform backup/sync.

Is Sonos accessing the MyCloud file server, or the DLNA media server?