Cannot access WD My Cloud Mirror from Explorer

Just bought My Cloud Mirror not because it is the best (it is not) but because it is designed for idiots (like me), It takes 5 minutes to set it up - great. But now I cannot access the drive and no help appears to be available from WD!

WDMYCLOUDMIRROR appears in explorer on my network next to My Booklive (I don’t have any problems copying files to this but it would not accept back ups from Windows). But when you click on the drive you get the error message "Windos cannot access \MYCLOUDMIRROR.

I cannot find any explanation for this from WD. Mightily not happy with money which was, apparently, not well spent. How can I now access the drive?

Incidentally I don’t see why I have to “ask the community” instead of receiving help from WD with their product.

Also, I am shocked that it will not work with MS Edge. Bad enough but this is not mentioned anywhere in the pre-sales bumf.

If all these problems is because the system is not compatible with Windows 10, then should WD not say so up front?

Can you access the unit’s Dashboard? If so, try checking your unit’s workgroup configuration and try to change its default name. I’d also recommend creating a test private share with a password in order to confirm if the issue is related to credentials stored in your system.

And just a note that if you can and do change the name, you’ll need to access the MCM by \\newname rather than \\MYCLOUDMIRROR, where newname is of course whatever name you give it.

It may also be worth trying to access it via its ip address (\\ filling in the x’s with whatever address your router has assigned the MCM).

Hi there. Thank you for your suggestions. I can access the dashboard and I followed your suggestion of changing the name of the drive. Voila! I went into explorer and could immediately click on the drive, which opened. I have also dragged and dropped some files. I think I should stop loading files in to My Cloud because that is really slow, and just drag and drop them (this is to do the initial transfer from the old NAS).

I wonder why WD do not tell people to do this? While the manual and sales blurb say it works with Windows 10, the manual only addresses loading data up to and including Windows 8. Poor show!

Thanks again for your help