Cannot access MyCloudMirror NAS

I’ve not been able to access MyCloudMirror NAS for months. I also tried various ways to resolve this (for example, turning on network discovery and SMB) to no avail.

I can see the icon for the network drive in my Windows Explorer but whenever I click on it, I get the message below:

"Windows cannot access \WDMYCLOUDMIRROR

Check the spelling of the name. Otherwise, there might be a problem with your network. To try to identify and resolve network problems, click Diagnose.

Error code: 0x80070035
The network path was not found.

Make sure the computer or devices is turned on and connected to the network."

Would anyone have a solution to this issue?

Are you trying to access the NAS using a mapped drive? If so is the drive mapped to an IP address which may have changed. Have you tried accessing it by the network name i.e. in the Windows Explorer address bar enter - //WDMyCloudMirror/

Thanks very much for your reply, longedge.

I’m not accessing from a mapped drive. I tried accessing it using the network name and it didn’t work too.

Would I be able to access the drive if I have the IP address? If so, how can I find out the IP address of the drive?

Instead of the network name, I tried typing the IP address of my NAS into the Window Explorer address bar and it worked!

Thanks so much for your help, longedge!

:+1: Using IP is OK, I do it myself, but network name removes the problems sometimes caused by changes of IP on networks using DHCP, mind you having said that I’ve only had to sort out things on large domains with many hundreds of IP addresses :grinning: .

I see. If you have a workaround where I can use the network name instead of the IP address, do let me know.

I can’t bear to imagine having lots of broken network icons/links if I have to access using a different network address everytime it changes!

Try typing “wdmycloudmirror” all lower case into Windows File Explorer or a Web Browser. It works perfectly on my system. If the default device name has been changed obviously you use that.

p.s. - first thing I always do when connecting a new device to my LAN is change from DHCP to fixed IP and then reserve that IP in my router’s settings.

I have had problems with this unit dropping off my network ever since Windows 10. Usually I have to power down and restart. Now, with a new PC, even that doesn’t work. The network shows WDMYCLOUDMIRROR, but I can not access it through the PC, although it still works with Sonos. I did the Enable TCP/IP; any other suggestions for getting access with Windows 10?